Do you have some questions??

Shipping Info

FIRST OF ALL: thank you for being so patient with us while we work through everything that is going on both with setting up the new store and managing the world of retail during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You can always reach us via email at drawing@skyfallstudio.com.au for any and all questions.


We have answered some questions for you below:


Are you still shipping orders?

We are, but the speed of processing has been adjusted due to our postal service experiencing some delays and the situation with our supplies being delayed at ports around the country. Right now we are working on a schedule of shipments and order processing that allows us to safely get your packages out. We are also working on restocking some "sold out" products but due to supply line delays and complications around the world, some things might be taking longer than usual to come back into stock.


How Long Does It Take To Process and Order?

Kate is a one man band at the moment so please be patient. She will be working on processing orders during school hours Monday-Friday. Any items ordered on the weekend or overnight will be processed on the next week day. We will be aiming on orders being processed and ready for shipping within 48 hours of receiving the order (48 hours of the next business day for after hours orders)


How Long To Ship The Order?

Kate will be aiming to have the order with the post office or courier as soon as the order is processed. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, we are unable to guarantee shipping times at all. We will do our best to get it to you in a timely manner but once it leaves our hands we are in the lap of the postage gods, let's hope they are speedy!


Do You Ship Internationally?

At this moment we are not shipping internationally. If you would like to enquire about international shipping, please email Kate at drawing@skyfallstudio.com.au

Our Refunds Policy

We understand that things happen. Let's work together to figure it out. 

We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.

But you can choose a refund or exchange if an item has a

major problem.


This is when the item:

• has a problem that would have stopped someone from

buying the item if they had known about it

• is unsafe

• is significantly different from the sample or description

• doesn’t do what we said it would, or what you asked

for and can’t be easily fixed


This MUST be communicated to Skyfall Studio within 7 days of purchase. You will be required to return the items at your own cost. Shipping costs are not refundable. If damages happen during shipping, it will be the responsibility of the recipient to initiate claims made to Australia Post or Sendle for damages. Skyfall will assist where possible, but it is the receiver who needs to make the claims.


Please keep your proof of purchase—e.g. your receipt

Commissions and Special Requests

Do you do commission work?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that it depends on the amount of work I am currently juggling and the time of year. If you have a commission you wish completed by a specific date, please ensure lots and lots of time to assist me in being able to say yes! Contact her at drawing@skyfallstudio.com.au

Do you special order or source other products than what is on your webstore?

Kate has many places that she can source items from, and if there is something in particular you are after, it never hurts to email and see if she can get it! drawing@skyfallstudio.com.au

I want to enrol my child into drawing class mid-term, is that possible?

Unfortunately it's not possible at this stage. All of Skyfall's Drawing Classes are specifically designed to run for a full term. By enrolling half way through term, the student would be missing out on important information given at the beginning of the term and in the previous lessons. At this stage (2021) it is only possible to enrol at the beginning of each term. To register your interest in classes, please contact Kate at drawing@skyfallstudio.com.au