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Skyfall Studio runs term-by-term classes for students wanting to learn drawing. Kate pulls on a variety of different drawing techniques to create a way of teaching students to draw which helps further their own imagination and creativity rather than simply relying on a "Copy-Me" approach. Students are encouraged to break down the world around them and use the strategies learned during class to create the drawing straight from their mind. 
Skyfall Studio runs school term classes run once a week for 1 hour during the public school term. New students are enrolled in Exploring Drawing which is our fundamentals of drawing class. Students are exposed to lots of fun drawing styles from Kawaii to Still Life, Parabolic Curves and basic anatomy. They do not do a 'step by step' drawing each week, in fact the only step by step we do is week 2. The students are taught to interpret what they see and break it down into easier shapes and pieces and help fuel their imaginations.
The Exploring Drawing term is $250 for the term. This includes all class materials, a work book and access to the course materials, home work and extra practice printouts online through a passworded website. Once students have completed Exploring Drawing they then become Advanced Students. My advanced students do a different body of work each term. 2 terms of the year are large projects, the other two are finer and more relaxed focused works. I am currently completing the new webstore where parents will be able to enrol students in classes online and pay with credit card or via PayPal or Afterpay.
We are currently working on adding workshops and daytime lessons to our curriculum. If you want to speak with Skyfall about hiring the drawing/art space